Specialization & Globalization

Our marketing network spreads all over China and overseas, our products are exported to 30 countries and regions all over the world, serving more than 2,000 customers, and we have set up offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, etc. 


Our R&D team has more than 50 members, more than 10 application engineers team, 68 products certified by bluesign, 37 invention patents authorized, 22 high-tech products, factory area of 45,000 m2, equipped with more than 50 reactors, with an annual output of about 80,000 tons.


Service Process

Step 1

Requirements & Market Research

We conduct requirements analysis in coordination with customers and market research to know the standards and demands of the market. We also research our in-house capabilities to evaluate the feasibility of production and work out the materials, technologies, and overall costs of this project. After these are done, we then feedback to customers with a quotation as well as helpful advice.

Step 2

Development & Design

Our extensive design-based expertise in product development will help to reduce costs while maintaining high level of quality, reliability, and efficiency. Based on the defined design, our specialists will perform a detailed analysis and increase product value and reduce the cost through careful planning of production.

Step 3

Manufacturing & Production

We offer in-house manufacturing service. This ensures that we can deliver the highest level of quality possible. We have a QC team to control the quality at every phase of production. Our efficient integrated manufacturing service help to lower your overall production costs.

Step 4

Professional Quality Inspection

We will arrange the quality inspection on our finished products. The inspection can be completed by our in-house QC team. But the third-party inspection is equally welcomed. After inspection, we then pack all qualified products carefully according to customer's requirements on the packaging. We ensure the safe and on-time delivery of our goods.

Step 5

Product Delivery

Before delivery to customers, we will take samples from this batch of products and seal the samples. If our customers find any problems with our products one day, we can analyze the samples and compare them with the samples sent to us to find out the cause of our products. Sealed samples will be kept for 2 years.

Step 6

After-Sales Guarantee

Our responsibility doesn't end after delivery. If any problem of products arisen hereafter, we will have our professional team to solve efficiently. We also offer excellent after-sales support.